ITAD_asset_management_integrationCLASSIC - Conservative
A conservative portfolio that has been designed with a dual purpose in mind - to provide a fund which generates high yields for those who require an income from their investment, and secondly, with it's normally high exposure to Gilt's and/or Cash, makes it ideally suited for long term growth with minimum risk to any major equity fluctuation.
Although this portfolio has been engineered with the conservative investor in mind, in times of turbulence this becomes an ideal home for ANY investor to utilise, to tide things over until normality returns to equities.

HARVEST - Medium to Low Volatility
A well balanced portfolio which offers a mix of income and capital growth.This portfolio was designed for the mature investor who wants some equity exposure, however, holds a reasonable fixed interest content to protect against any sudden stock market shocks. Note that this fund may not always be No. 1, but should deliver AVERAGE top quartile performance consistently, with the objective to keeping pace with inflation.

HARVEST - Medium Volatility
This “Medium Risk” fund was created for the investor who is looking for superior long term capital growth. Although the portfolio will normally have a higher equity exposure than Classic Port and Cabernet, it will strive to maintain a balance between Blue Chip funds (when relevant); Growth Stocks and Niche Funds to provide minimal risk over a 36 month plus investment period.